K-TARIP is the IT suite designed by SIKUEL to improve waste management and offer a cloud solution integrating all workflows into a single scalable system for all administrative needs

  1. Monitoring all assets in real-time
  2. Accurate control of management costs
  3. Communication through simple and automated flows


  • Configuration of the IT environment through the acquisition of municipal databases (Roads, Users, Real Estate), for data cleansing and creation of a unique database
  • Data entry of local drop-off centres, EWC Codes and list of drop-off centres to be managed in the area
  • Data import of the identification codes of waste containers/bags, creation of virtual waste storage


  • Planning on a map of the areas and itineraries for the door-to-door delivery of the kit, according to current legislation, population density and type of users
  • User identification and delivery of the kit via native Web Apps, installed on mobile devices (rugged devices, tablet), with a signature acquisition tool, document scanning, proxies, GPS and sending of receipt via email
  • The census options of the App allow to enter, correct and update user data (personal and real estate data), and send all reports to the Local Authority for the data cleansing of the tax database


  • Computerization of local drop-off centres with the native app and complete remote monitoring in real-time
  • Tracking of the access to the drop-off centres through automatic bar opening, by recognition of user's tax code or badges for operators. Incoming and outgoing vehicle weighing, with the automatic issuance of administrative documents such as receipts, delivery forms up to electronic invoices for industry consortium
  • Analytical management of the access to the drop-off centres, by the tax code of the local tax system, chronological report of the users' waste drop-off, with weighing and receipt by the App installed on tablets or touch screen devices. Calculation of the user bonus provided for in the regulation; user report always available


  • Planning of tasks by areas: list of services to be carried out, identification of the operators required and of the fleet of vehicles available
  • Real-time management and monitoring of the activity assigned to the operator/team on rugged devices or tablets, from check-in to assignment, end of the single task and shift, with vehicle delivery; reports, statistics and performance
  • Management of user requests from multiple input sources to the responsible office/operator, status tracking until ticket resolution with notification to the user


  • Data acquisition in real-time, via web services, from all the assets of the interconnected environment, control and aggregate data view depending on EWC codes, users, team, area or customizable parameters
  • Acquisition of data via wearable readers with NB-IOT technology and on-board tracking devices
  • Analysis of the efficiency of itineraries, times and performances of the kerbside collection
  • Analysis of the users' waste drop-off at the drop-off centres


  • Data Analysis and valorization of the fee, management control system
  • Calculation and match of the types and quantities of waste to the corresponding real estate and user; calculation of waste generation averages
  • Calculation and analysis of the costs of the resources employed (fleets - operators) for each activity or service


  • Mobile app for Android and iOS to manage the entire cycle of waste sorting, both for household and commercial users
  • With K-TARIP mobile, user can control the scheduled kerbside collection, his/her waste drop-off, the progression of his/her bonus and invoices
  • Management of the bulky waste pickup and sending reports
  • K-TARIP Mobile connects User, Management Provider and Public Administration to animate communities to achieve the larger goal of the circular economy: Zero Waste

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